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Friday, April 23, 2021

Hey my sister girls. I know that the process of looking for work is neither fun or easy. It can be discouraging, exhausting, and frustrating, especially if you're in need of money while job hunting.

Whether you're in between jobs or you're a college student needing something part time or whatever you're reason may be for needing work, substitute teaching and finding work on are great, easy, and fast ways to get started working quickly.

Studies show that due to COVID-19, there's a notional shortage of substitute teachers. In addition to that, there was already a shortage on substitutes before COVID hit.

In most places, substitute teaching requires you to have either 60 college credit hours or an associate's degree. However, some positions like a para-professional will only require a high school diploma. 

Substitute teaching is extremely flexible in most places because you decide the days you want to go in, the schools you want to go to, and the grade you want to sub for. Whether you want to sub once a week, five times a week, or once a month, it's up to you.

Subs usually make between ninety and one hundred twenty five dollars a day, depending on the school district. If you have a bachelor's degree, some counties will pay a little more. 

You can also sub for multi school districts at once. So you can sub in your county and the county over if you wish. I personally have subbed for both Manatee County and Leon County (Tallahassee) at the same time. When I was living in Tallahassee, I could visit home (Manatee County), and still be able to go to work and make money!

School districts usually have a lot of available jobs for subs to pick up everyday, so if you need to work five days a week, trust me it's most likely possible. As a disclaimer though, each county is different depending on the state and the county. To find out about subbing in your county, simply type in the school district name of your county into google and follow with "substitute teaching application." A lot of times, you can just go on the actual school district website and they will have it some where on the sight.

The application process for substitute teaching isn't too bad either, once again, depending on the county. If I remember correctly, Manatee County only required fingerprinting, orientation, and my resume. Leon County though, they wanted a paper on my philosophy on education, references to call, and interview and other things. But it was worth doing. 

Another great way to make money is to visit You can make a profile for free, and find people in your local area who need help. You can pet sit, house sit, house clean, nanny or child sit, do odd jobs and run errands, and so much more. is cool because you can find people who may need a caregiver full time or part time. For example, some people just need a caregiver to pick their kids from school everyday and drop them home. Other people might need a Mon-Fri sitter for eight hours a day. Some jobs can be a year long, and some can be as short as two weeks.

Depending on your area, there may be a high demand for care givers on Especially over the summer because school is out. Remember, these are not end all be all jobs. You won't be subbing or care giving forever. You'll simply be doing what you need to do to make ends meet until you land that dream job or finally achieve your entrepreneurship goals.

(This post is not an advertisement for, I am simply sharing easy ways that I've found to make money).

I hope that this post helps! Keep in mind that summer is coming up and a lot of places do not need substitute teachers for the summer. Also, because substitute teachers are not considered full time employees, most places do not offer benefits and paid time off for subs. 

What are some ways of making money that you know of? Share it with me! Haha.

As always, so much love, 


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